Services Under Commercial Photography

So what is commercial photography and what types of services can you get when you call a professional commercial photographer?

commercial-advertisingWhat Is Commercial Photography?

Commercial Photography is all about taking high quality images for advertising and merchandising use. These images are usually there to help enhance text content and make the material even more appealing to customers. For example, when a company needs images to put on their brochures, leaflets, flyers, restaurant menus, posters, etc, they will need the expertise of a commercial photographer to produce those images and make the ad look more professional.

So aside from helping promote products and services of a company, commercial photography is also about helping the business itself form its brand image. They can market their company or brand name through publishing professional photos of their employees, facilities, or executives. These will also help put a face behind the every day processes that unfold in the company.

When it comes to commercial photography Dubai companies may look for the following services:

Food Photography

This is probably one of the most lucrative categories of commercial photography and also one of the most competitive. That’s because everybody loves food! And if you are able to present a high quality and very scrumptious looking photo of your food product, you are halfway already in convincing your customers to buy your product.

Food photography is relevant not only to companies that produce food items, but also to smaller businesses like restaurants, cafes, or culinary schools who want to promote their business. Food images are also very important for magazines that feature cooking and recipes and for online sites and blogs that would like to sell different food products online.

Fashion Photography

We all know that one way to sell your fashion items like dresses, blouses, pants, shoes, etc., you need to have stunning photos of them on your magazine or online store. In that case, you need a commercial photographer to capture those images.

Fashion photographs are an essential part of the fashion marketing world where there is also a very stiff competition. It is really important to present these clothes and accessories in a very stylish way on photos because most of the time customers will only have interest on the item if they are moved by the photos they see. They won’t even take a second look at the item if it is presented in a bad light. So imagine, you really need to make that fashion photo look awesome if you want to capture your customer’s attention.

Product Photography

Of course commercial photography’s main focus is in product photography. Every day millions of people search for different products and services and if you don’t have an image to present to them, you will not stand out among the crowd. Your customers need to feel your presence and have a photo to connect with your brand. That’s why almost all advertisements today include some sort of image or graphics to their text in order to really capture the attention of potential customers.


Source: ENH Media

Event Photography Dubai: What to Bring for Your Event Photography Gig

The exciting thing about being an event photographer is that every job is different. You can take for example, a wedding. One weekend you are shooting a huge wedding ceremony and reception with a full crew and hundreds of jolly relatives and friends that get in the way of your shots. And then take for example, a museum exhibit. On another weekend you might be shooting in an art museum where people need to be quiet and special requirements are implemented for photographers when it comes to their equipment (i.e. no flashes, no bulky tripods, etc.)

corporate-photography-berlin-event-photographyIf you want to be well-established in the event photography Dubai scene, then you should always be prepared when it comes to your equipment and strategy even if you are shooting different events. Here are a few amazing tips you can do in order to better prepare for your event photography gigs.


Know Your Event Location

The events you shoot can be different every project, however, you can always be better prepared if you already know where your location is and what are the potential obstacles you might encounter when you shoot there. It’s important to make an ocular inspection of the location a few days before your scheduled event. Check your venue maps, check the nearby places in the area, and most of all have a technical check as to what lights and equipment you need to bring for the location. You should also calculate the time it takes to arrive at your location considering all factors such as traffic, checking or permits, unloading your equipment, and finally setting up for your shots.


Have a Shot List Ready

Even if your events may vary, you can always increase your chances of getting the shots you need by preparing a shot list and knowing which types of shots are very important for you to take. Especially for weddings, you would need to really have good coverage of the event since this is a once-in-a-lifetime ceremony for the couple and they would really want to be able to go back to the event after all the craziness of the day.

Also, having a shot list means you already have an idea of how you will take the shots you want so you can easily plan your set-up, pack or outsource the equipment you need in order to take the shot and of course prepare the props you will employ for the shot.


Have an Assistant to Back Up Your Images

It would be a good idea if you can hire an assistant for the day for the event who knows how to back up files and organize your images on the computer drive. This is very important so as to not lose valuable and irreplaceable files throughout the day of your shoot. Your assistant could also ID photograph and properly label the folders on your computer after they have been uploaded and transferred to other back up drives.

Following these simple tips can make your event photography gig run smoothly and help you close that next project in the future!

Starting Your Own Flower Shop Business

Thinking of starting your own flower shop business? This business can be very rewarding not just because of the strong demand for fresh and beautiful flower arrangements for different occasions but also because of the smiles you can bring to your customers whenever they get their flower orders.

There are three important skills to have in order to be successful in this field.

Floral Design Skills

If you would like to open a flower shop Dubai has a high demand for customized flower arrangements for parties and special occasions. That’s why in order to compete with other shops, you also have to improve your floral design skills. It is not enough that you enjoy and love looking at flowers an taking care of plants. You should also have a keen eye for design, how to create balance when combining different types of flowers, and that instinctive creative flair when conceptualizing your customized arrangements.

Also, keeping your floral design skills updated with the latest trends and being imaginative can help your designs get noticed among all the other shops that offer customized arrangements. Since the onset of online flower shops, there has been a tougher competition when it comes to creative bouquets and it will really help boost your flower business if you can go the extra mile and offer different affordable yet beautifully designed flower arrangement packages to your customers as well.

Good Interpersonal Skills

Even though your flower designs will speak for themselves, it’s also important that you develop your interpersonal and communication skills when starting your own flower shop business. Most customers patronize shops that they feel really welcome in and taken care of so if you have a very professional way of dealing with your customers and you are able to be flexible in providing their requests or giving good offers for your flower bouquets, there is a good chance that they will not go anywhere else and just buy their flowers from you.

Also, not all flower arrangements are ordered during a happy occasion. There are customers who will buy flowers for a funeral, for a sick friend or relative, or for other less than ideal situations. So as the business owner, you should have good interpersonal skills to know how to be empathetic to your customers and show that your are able to handle the stress and emotions during tough situations.

Having Good Business Sense

Of course part of doing any business is to improve your overall business sense in your chosen line of business. This means researching about the floral industry and getting the latest on different aspects such as marketing, design, and even your toughest competitors around.

You should also have a clear mission before heading off to establish your flower shop. It would always be easier to start your business if your purpose is clear and you can always go back to that purpose if things start becoming complicated or confusing.

Finally, remember to know what business licenses or permits you need to open and operate your flower shop business. Don’t neglect this requirement because having the legal permit to operate will make your business run smoothly and you won’t have to worry about getting in a tight spot with authorities.

The Ideal Lube Manufacturing Companies in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is famous for the driven and innovative architectural designs that capture the imagination of everyone and more hence the architectural enthusiasts. Uae has also emerged as among the best holiday destination with states such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai seemingly becoming the holiday destination of choice for the affluent and celebraties. Everyone wants to get an experience with life in the Arabian oasis. Bearing this in mind, the leaders of the United Arab Emirates usually have diversified the economies in their states to reflect a far more mature economy that is sustainable and thriving. The buoyant retail, real estate property and financial industries are testaments to this efforts.

However, the economy of the UAE was built around the back born of the oil industry, which still remains the most significant economic export from all of these states. The UAE is really a world leader inside the oil and natural gas and related industries and also for a good reason it provides huge amounts oil reserves. The oil reserve under UAE is estimated to get the seventh largest on the planet, running into millions of barrel. On such basis as this fact, the industries relevant to oil and gas in addition to their product have developed substantially, creating some of the most renowned and reputable companies dealing with oil product.

The lubricant industry is probably the most notable oil product industry which includes developed and bought international reputation. There are several manufacturing businesses that are manufacturing lubricant to the heavy industries, automotive industry, marine equipment, the aerospace industry as well as the electrical production and distribution industry. This section of the oil industry has exploded which is quite a competitive one. However, what are the best lubricant manufacturers, one may ask!

The Ideal Lubricant Manufactures

First is Lubrex which is a lubricant developing firm that specializes in the output of heavy-duty lubricants for example high temperature and-pressure lubricants and grease. Lubricants on this type are employed in machines such drill, providing lubrication to the drill collar as well as the drill pipes.

Oasis Grease & Lubricant Industries is another company containing built a standing of manufacturing reliable and high-quality lubricants for automotive use. The business has an array of Base oil suppliers in UAE that can be used in car engines, some designed for use within both gasoline and diesel engines while other manufactured fro utilize in gasoline or diesel engine. Having an experience spanning over ten years, the corporation has acquired experience, leveraging it as a a formidable player within the lubricants manufacture.

Lotus Lubrication is one other innovator in the lubricant manufacture specifically in the output of industrial grade lubricants, automotive lubricants and marine lubricants. Their goods are ISO certified, and therefore they meet all of the required international standards and quality checks. Their market penetration of your global lubricant market includes countries in Africa, The U.S, countries in Europe and Asia. As a result them a worldwide brand. The lubricants are meant to perform with the highest level and provide efficiency all the time.

How to Increase Your Dietary Fiber Intake – Some Awesome Tips

Fiber plays a vital role in our digestive system. It helps in preventing many different kinds of disease in our body. It helps in preventing diabetes, lowering cholesterol level, constipation, heart diseases, and sometimes even in cancer but most importantly it is helps in losing weight for weight concern people. Like protein, intake of fiber makes you feel less hungry.

Fibers come from plants and there are two types of it. One is soluble and other one is insoluble. Both of these types are necessary for our digestive system to remain healthy.

According to many researches done, it has been concluded that the amount of fiber intake on a daily basis is 2/3. Most people still lack the knowledge about the importance of fiber in a healthy diet. Therefore, it is very important for everyone to learn the easiest ways to incorporate fiber in your diet regardless of whether you are on a weight loss diet or not.

Below are some of the useful tips on how to increase your fiber intake on daily basis as recommended by

  • It is very important to have breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day regardless of whether you are on weight loss diet or not. It is recommended that you choose a meal with high amount of fiber in it for instance cereals with approximately 3 to 4 gram of fiber in it. It important to start your day with the right kind of breakfast.
  • At the middle of the day, some people like to have some snack with their tea or coffee. It is better to have something that is high on fiber like granola bars or nuts instead of having donuts which are high calorie. Some of these high content fiber products are even available at the vending machine.
  • Make a habit to have fresh fruits every day. Be it in the afternoon or in the evening. Fresh fruits have high content of fibers in them. Most of the fruits nowadays contain fiber such as apples, oranges, berries or pears.
  • Increase the intake of legumes such as beans and peas. They can be served as curry or sometimes they are added to the salad or soup. They should be incorporated at least once in a day as they have high fiber content.
  • Some people prefer having yoghurt a lot. They can add berries in them. This does not only increase the flavor of the yoghurt but they are also rich in fiber.
  • Some people have the habit of just chewing something while at work like chocolate or gum, instead it is better to have nuts which are a lot healthier and it is also high in fiber content.

Bottom line is that it is not very difficult to incorporate fiber in your diet as long as you are determined to do it. Make sure to drink lots of water as fiber absorbs water from the digestive tract. Also, do not increase your fiber intake all of sudden. Slowly increase the content so that your digestive tract develops of this kind of change slowly without causing any gastrointestinal problem.